Texas Toothpick folder

Texas Toothpick folder by Louis Naude

The Texas Toothpick folder is a Elongated knife, with a single narrow clip point blade. Handle has bolsters at both ends, and is turned up or tapered on the opposite end of the blade. Variations include oversized versions called Arkansas or Texas Toothpicks, and miniaturized version, called a Baby Toothpick.

The Texas Toothpick knife is another classic pattern from the early 1900’s. This slender single-hinge pocket knife is a very popular “daily carry” knife due to its surprisingly versatile Clip blade and its ability to disappear in your pocket when it’s not needed. This pattern is actually based on a traditional fishing knife, with its long Fillet blade

Our Toothpick Folding Pocket Knife measures 13cm in length when it’s closed. It’s a slender knife and easily slips into a pocket or purse. The tip of Its  blade draws to a fine point that can pierce tough objects quickly and easily.

This Cowboy Toothpick Folding Pocket Knife can be accompanied in by a Log box that makes it even more presentable, so if you’re purchasing it for someone else you don’t have to worry about packaging and the Log box adds a surprise element.

See Log Boxes available.

Whether it’s a gift or an addition to your own personal collection, this slender Texas Toothpick pocket knife is a must-have and comes is adorned by the handle of your choice.

Price: R1700

Blade length: 10.5cm

Total Length: 23.5cm

Blade shape: Clip point

Lock: Slip joint

Blade steel: N690 or 440

Handle: Giraffe bone

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This Pocket Knife is also available in other animal materials and African hardwood. Wood handles are included in cost.

For animal material selection and price, see Handle Material Page.

Texas Toothpick folder
Texas Toothpick folder

Texas Toothpick folder
Texas Toothpick folder