South African Knife maker Louis Naude (LEO knives and cutlery)  is based in South Africa, delivering quality knives across the globe. Experience and innovation makes it the marriage of the comfortable handle with the keen blade to last into the next generation. Through dedicated service to our clients over the years, our team strived to fulfil the need of our client, the knife user.

 A unique knife, sought after by men,  in the field, on the battle field, in the kitchen, in the workplace and wherever the proud owner goes.

Although LEO knives are all meticulously finished, they are user knives. Our greatest compliment is –  when you use your knife. Then your LEO knife starts writing it’s own story. Through after sales feedback it is understood that many LEO knives are owned by collectors, especially the classic and custom knives. When using a knife one becomes design orientated to design the right knife for that specific job. The hunting knife, the combat knife, the camp knife, the skinning knife, the pocket knife

…..The Knife Knife, The – YOU knife.