Jagdnicker German Weidmesser hunting knife

Louis Naude – Jagdnicker German Weidmesser hunting knife

The Jagdnicker German Weidmesser hunting knife was designed especially for one purpose: to kill a deer or similar animal with one single stab just above its topmost vertebra.  (This vertebra is called the ‘nicker’ (nodder), because it is the vertebra that enables the animal to nod its head. “Nicken” is the verb that describes the act of killing an animal in this way.)

The knife is also called Trachtenmesser worn in the Lederhosen pocket.

The Ursprung of the Jagdnicker is German but now it has the feel of Africa with a ferrule and butt cap adorned with Camelthorn motive.  Also Africa the handle material – your choice of Springbuck Horn, Warthog tusk, Oryx horn or African hardwood.

You like Muss i Den? and Altekameraden? Then you will surely appreciate the Jagdnicker and also the Waidblatt classic hunting knife

Price: R1700

Blade length: 9cm

Total Length: 21cm

Blade shape: Straight normal

Tang: Rat tail

Blade steel: 440

Handle: Springbuck Horn

This Knife is also available in other animal materials .

For animal material, see Handle Material Page.

Jagdnicker German Weidmesser hunting knife
Jagdnicker German Weidmesser (hunting knife)

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