Integral skinning knife Maurus

The Integral skinning knife Maurus.

Coming from the family of Louis Naude Integral knives ,  the integral skinning knife Maurus has two handle slabs and a genuine one piece blade and bolster, either pinned with stainless steel or solid carbon fibre. Unlike the Integral skinning knife, the Maurus does not have a guard. Through valued client feedback, we decided on this design, no guard and a banana shaped handle. It is appreciated by a great many knife users.   

Like the Integral skinning knife, it has a tapered tang and the finger grooves in the sides of the bolster allows different grips that until now would have been considered uncomfortable or even risky. Thumb in the left groove, middle finger in the right groove, with the index finger on the spine of the blade for steering. The ideal skinning knife.

The knife in the picture has a Cape Buffalo horn handle but it is available in other animal materials as well . The handle slabs are selected meticulously for their character that speak for themselves and are rarely finished as to remove the natural colours and texture. African wood are known to be very hard and make exquisite handle material.

The Maurus skinning knife comes with a thick cowhide sheath.

Price: R1800

Blade length: 8cm

Total Length: 20.5cm

Blade shape: Skinner

Tang: Full tang, tapered

Blade steel: 440

Handle: Buffalo Horn

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This Knife is also available in other animal materials and African hardwood. Wood handles are included in cost.

For animal material, see Handle Material Page.


Integral skinning knife Maurus
Skinning knife
Integral skinning knife Maurus
Skinning knife