Classic hunting knife – Harrier

The Classic hunting knife – Harrier

The Classic hunting knife – Harrier is a handcrafted fixed blade hunting knife that comes in Scorched Ostrich bone,  Warthog tusk, Oryx horn and African hardwood as handles.

The rat-tail or stick tang design allows optimal handle material usage and also gives a great five finger grip. The pommel is secured to the threaded tang and along with the handle material is cast into a sturdy unit.

Since the Harrier knives require less stock material, it is a less costly manufacturing process and thus Louis Naude knives can offer you the Harrier at a price that even competes with mass produced brands on the market.

If you are a hunter,  a collector or someone who will soon be the giver of a precious gift , consider this well made knife – the Harrier.

Price: R1400

Blade length: 11.5cm

Total Length: 23.5cm

Blade shape: Drop point

Tang: Rat tail

Blade steel: 440

Handle: Oryx horn and scorched Ostrich bone

If you like the Harrier, you migh also be interested in the the Jehu

This Knife is also available in other animal materials and African hardwood. Wood handles are included in cost.

For animal material, see Handle Material Page.

The Classic hunting knife - Harrier
Scorged Giraffe Bone handle
Giraffe Bone handle
Warthog Tooth handle


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